One of the practical ministries Rose & Joseph have been successful in setting up are sewing centres where Christian girls who are severely persecuted because of their faith, can be trained to earn a living in their own homes with a simple sewing machine.


We have helped set up several sewing centres, including outside Faisalabad where girls with no skills or education come to learn sewing. They can also socialise with other girls and have fellowship as there is no freedom for them normally to leave their homes. Some of these girls work in wealthy households as cleaners. Girls who attend these sewing centres are both Muslims and Christians. One girl used to work as a domestic in a Muslim home. Sadly, the owner’s son raped her by force then she was sacked from her work. After one year of training, she is now able to work from
home, using a sewing machine supplied by Rose and Joseph. Many other sad stories can be related concerning how these girls have been treated by their neighbours. At this community project near Lahore, ten girls have already completed their sewing courses and they are now working from home earning sufficient money to help feed their families.